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Dear Policyholder,

MLMIC has released a new edition of The Albany Report to help policyholders understand the impact of the most recent New York State Legislative session on the medical malpractice insurance market. In Volume 3, Number 1 policyholders will find updates to the legislative, regulatory and political developments that can affect their practice in New York State.

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Case Review

MLMIC’s Case Review newsletter, published twice a year (summer and winter), Case Review focuses solely on medical malpractice lawsuits and the medical and risk management issues involved in these cases. Each issue contains two case studies, an attorney’s perspective, and, when appropriate, a physician’s perspective.

To access the Spring 2019 Case Review, please click here.

MLMIC’s Dateline newsletter, published twice a year (spring and fall), focuses on risk management issues and improving patient safety, as well as keeping policyholders apprised of changes in underwriting procedures, legal matters, legislative affairs, and many other matters of interest to physicians and healthcare facilities. Please click on the link below to open or download the latest issue of Dateline. MLMIC policyholders may click here to view all past issues of Dateline, as well as a comprehensive index and a keyword search feature.

Dateline-Fall 2018

Dateline-Spring 2019