Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Rating Application Proceedure:
Applications can be found on the WCB website:

Please note as of February 1, 2020 ALL NYS Workers Compensation rating applications must be completed online by the Physician who is applying.

Please contact Kalli Voulgaris with any questions:  [email protected]  
Once we receive all of the items, your application will be forwarded to our Committee Chair for approval. Once approved and given a WC rating, the packet will be forwarded to the New York State Workers Compensation Board.
Once the application has been received by the Workers Compensation Board in Albany, the Workers Compensation Board will communicate with the provider and/or medical practice directly (not the Westchester County Medical Society), should any follow-up be necessary.  

 * Please Note: If you are a member of the Medical Society or would like to become a     member, whatever dues have been paid for the current year, will be applied to the WC application processing fee.