Westchester Academy of Medicine

CME Mission Statement

The overall goals of the Westchester Academy of Medicine (Academy) Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee center on providing opportunities for member and non-member physicians and related health care professionals to participate in excellent continuing medical educational programming. These programs focus on the latest technological and scientific discoveries, improvements and enhancements and will be presented with our jointly-provided hospitals and our co-provided specialty sections.

Goals Set By the Academy to Achieve This Mission
  1. The Academy will strive to provide educational programs that are designed to advance physician competence, enhance practice performance, promote patient safety, and, where, possible, improve patient outcomes in the population served by the health care providers we educate.
  2. The Academy will maintain a sound educational system with all the prospective participants from each of Academy’s CME joint and co-provided program partners, as well as all of the office-based and hospital-based physician members and non-member of the Westchester County Medical Society and their professional medical staffs.
  3. The Academy CME activities will utilize on-site and off-site locations to provide the dissemination of scientific information and training pertaining to the most recent scientific advances. The educational programs will be conducted through multiple techniques including lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training. The educational programs will utilize presentations and interactive discussions to educate the aforementioned population. Additionally, we will utilize audiocassettes and audiovisual equipment in order to demonstrate and educate.
  4. The Academy will strive to keep the CME relevant and cost effective by conducting regularly scheduled educational programs at the Medical Society, co-providing local hospitals and area facilities.
  5. The Academy CME Committee will meet monthly and review all applications for provided, co-provided, and jointly-provided programs. All participating Westchester hospitals are required to assign a representative to the CME Committee, and this individual will be responsible for presenting the institution’s programs, as well as ensuring that the programs achieve their stated objectives. The hospitals are expected to return the evaluations and needs assessments in a timely manner.
  6. The Academy CME Committee will evaluate and modify the programs in order to maintain high standards and ensure that the expected results are being met.  The expected results of our educational activities are that participating physicians enhance their knowledge and skills in the subject area(s) offered, and apply the knowledge and skills to improve performance and patient outcomes in their practice settings. This evaluation will include reviewing overall program outcomes or expected results, as well as individual recipient outcomes and related patient outcomes, when possible. A multi-faceted approach is used to measure the program’s success.  These methods including assessing changes in knowledge through program participants’ evaluations and having our joint providers assess changes in competence and performance through follow-up evaluation of activity participants.